Alzheimer’s Apron of Memories

If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia you understand that it is sometimes difficult to find activities for them to do to help occupy their time. This can be especially true if your loved one has difficulty staying in one place for very long.

Creating an Alzheimer’s Apron is a fun activity for both you and your loved one. First, involve them in choosing the color apron they like the best. After you have helped them pick out the color, the fun really begins.


When you are working on the apron together, there are several things that you can incorporate onto the apron:

  • A clear pocket for a picture of a family, pet, or something that they loved. This is a great way for them to be able to look at a comforting picture while wearing their apron.
  • A large zipper with a large pull-hole. This will be fun for them to be pulling and zipping up and down.
  • Sew some large bright things onto their new apron. This can be fun for them to look at and feel.
  • Attach a large pocket made of a material that they will enjoy feeling and touching. This will also allow them to store objects and things that they like and enjoy.
  • Customize their aprons based on your loved ones’ interests.

The Alzheimer’s apron is a great way to help your loved ones stay stimulated and help families and caregivers with assistance. We hope you decide to create an Alzheimer’s Apron with your loved one…it could really brighten their day!

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A Little Karaoke Fun at the Senior Center

You don’t need to be a good singer to enjoy karaoke! Choosing one of your favorite tunes and belting out the words with reckless abandon is what makes it so much fun. At Enriched Life Home Care Services we believe in giving back to our community and helping to brighten the day of those who may not be able to enjoy the things that they used to. We visit nursing homes, senior centers, rehabilitation facilities, and Alzheimer/Dementia homes to help brighten the day for those that live or stay there.


A few weeks ago, for example we spent an afternoon doing karaoke and visiting with a wonderful group of people…and there was even some rumored dancing as well! They had such a good time that we have been invited back to do it again. This time we will be hosting a karaoke competition with them, but when you are able to give back and bring joy to people’s lives everyone has already won.

Enriched Life Home Care Services believes in helping individuals to be able to enjoy their lives the way they always have as much as possible. When we are called to provide care in their place of residence, we work closely with the individual and their family to create a care plan that helps allow them to do just that.

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Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

How do you find a good quality home care agency you can trust? If you are currently caring for a loved one or are in the process of taking the next steps to find a company that has compassionate and professional caregivers, that question might be on your mind.

We’re here to let you know that all home care agencies are not created equal. In order to help prepare you for your search here are some of the key questions to ask when talking with home care agencies.


These are some of the most common questions that are asked when families begin looking for assistance for their loved ones. Making the decision to seek help with caring for a loved one or yourself is an important decision that should bring you comforting peace of mind when choosing the right company.

At Enriched Life Home Care Services we pride ourselves on a close working relationship with the families that we care for. Our compassionate team of professionals work with families and their loved ones to bring a comforting sense of assurance that their loved ones will only receive the best care from our team. Rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands with Enriched Life Home Care Services when you cannot be with them.

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Sing with Me – Alzheimer’s Music Therapy

Did you know that whether you love to sing in the shower or listen to music while driving, you are helping stimulate your brain and the body-mind connection? This stimulation is powerful and also helps to reactivate speech centers of the brain, trigger memory, and improve your coordination.

More studies show that music can be a great help to those individuals who have neurological conditions – such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. The music stimulates their area of the brain helping it to change and respond to the music. So if your loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease the area of their brain that is affected is the area for the direct recall of memories.


Musical memories are not only associated with the music, but also their experiences associated with the music. When they listen to music it can help to indirectly stimulate partial memories that they otherwise would not be able to recall. This can be very comforting for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

When you are caring for your loved one, be sure to make some time for music! This is a great way to not only brighten their day, but also bring them some fun healthy stimulation. There are many great ways to incorporate music into their day. You can even incorporate the music into their normal daily routines. If your loved one gets frustrated with dressing or bathing, try playing some music to help soothe them. It might help make these activities more fun for them.

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Creating a Garden of Memories with Mom

If you’re like most of us here in Michigan you’re getting ready to rid that winter coat. Many of us are trading in our winter gloves for a pair of gardening gloves. With Mother’s Day just a week away, there are probably a lot of memorable moments you’ve spent with mom in her garden learning how to plant and care for the flowers and vegetables. But if mom is dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia you may think that all you can do now is enjoy the great memories that you have shared together in the garden. This year for Mother’s Day, you can still spend time with mom back in the garden – by creating a Memory Garden.


With a Memory Garden you are providing a place for your mom to get exercise and plenty of stimuli. Especially if the Alzheimer’s causes agitation, frustration, and tension this will help by giving her an outlet that can provide a comforting peace. When looking at the types of plants and flowers try to select bright vibrant colors, larger shrubs for boundaries, and herbs for sweet aromas. Also, making sure that the plants you select are nonpoisonous and nontoxic. Just going to your local nursery to look at all of the different colors and plants would be a great adventure!

The vibrant colors of the flowers provide great visual stimuli, and when they are walking through their garden and brush pass herbs like mint or lavender they will smell their sweet aromas. The new garden will also attract visitors, and seeing a family of rabbits or any new wildlife visitors will surely be a happy welcome.

As the new garden is being finished, make sure that there is plenty of room for some shade and lawn chairs. This is a great way to make sure that mom won’t get too much sun, and still be able to enjoy her garden. This area for rest will also allow you to keep close to mom while still allowing her independence in her garden.

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