Important Home Safety Tips for Aging Seniors

Today, there are more and more aging seniors that want to stay in the comfort of their own home. For many, they are still capable of living on their own with minimal assistance. However, even the most independent person may need help sometimes making sure their environment is safe.

For example, many of us take for granted that we can easily check the batteries in our smoke alarm to ensure they are still working. Or we can just run to the store to replace a light bulb that burns out. Although some seniors are able to take care of these type of things on their own, many cannot. Not taking care of them could cause injury or possibly even death from a fire.

Here are a few home safety and fall prevention tips that could help keep your loved one safe while in their home alone.

5 Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

CHECK ALL CORDS: Make sure any cords are out of the traffic flow to prevent trip and fall accidents. Also, take note of any furniture resting on cords that could cause them to be damaged and create a shock or fire hazard.

DEVELOP AN EMERGENCY EXIT PLAN:  Is there an emergency exit plan and an alternate emergency exit plan in case of a fire? Once a fire starts, it spreads rapidly. Since there may not be much time to get out and there may be a lot of confusion, it is important that a plan is in place before the unexpected happens.

CHECK RUGS AND MATS: Take a look at small rugs, runners, and mats. Make sure that they are skid resistant by applying double-sided adhesive carpet tape or rubber matting to the backs.

CREATE EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST: If an emergency happens, are there emergency telephone numbers listed? Take the time to make a list of numbers for the Police, Fire Department, and local Poison Control Center, along with close relatives’ and a neighbor’s number. Write the numbers in large print and tape them to the phone, or place them near the phone where they can be seen easily.

CHECK BATHTUB AND SHOWER AREAS: These are some of the most dangerous areas because they become very slippery when they get wet. Ensure that all bathtubs and showers are equipped with non-skid mats, abrasive strips, or surfaces that are not slippery. Grab bars can be installed as well to assist with getting in and out of the tub safely.

These are just a few common home safety measures that Enriched Life Home Care Services provides to families and individuals as a complimentary service. We want to make sure that the homes of our seniors and those who may need assistance can be comforted in knowing their homes are safe for them to live in comfortably.

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